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Getting High in Schools

Geeting high in schools : 825 secondary students nationwide tested positive for drugs between January and March. Some confessed taking syabu, ganja and designer pills in school toilets or secluded areas -- Agency worried over students hooked on drugs : The number of drug users among school students...

19/04/2017 | MALAY MAIL

Parents and teachers must cooperate, say groups

Petaling Jaya - Parents and teachers have been urged to work closely together to raise the awareness on the dangers of drugs to students. Federal police had revealed on Monday 134 secondary and primary school students were paid by members of syndicates to transport or sell drugs since January. Yes...

19/04/2017 | MALAY MAIL

Students turn into cheap drug ‘mules’

KUALA LUMPUR, April 18 — Children, as young as seven, are being used by drug syndicates to run their distribution networks. Students from primary and secondary schools and those pursuing tertiary education have become unknowing agents in the drug menace as syndicates and drug traffickers try to o...

18/04/2017 | MALAY MAIL

Friends with drugs worth RM3.6m held

IPOH, April 14 — Two friends, in their 30s, were nabbed for possessing “WY” pills (pil kuda) and methamphetamine worth RM3.6 million following a raid by the Mualim Narcotics Investigation Department. The duo — a supervisor and a trader — were picked up in a house at Felda Plantation, Sungkai, a...

14/04/2017 | MALAY MAIL

Lorry driver to hang for drug trafficking

Ipoh - A lorry driver was sentenced to death for trafficking in 2.7kg of cannabis two years ago. Wan Mohamad Lufti Jaafar was also sentenced to threes' jail and five strokes of the cane for possessing 34g of cannabis. Both were committed in fornt of GD Express near Parit Buntar on July 26, 2014.

29/03/2017 | MALAY MAIL

Syabu addiction on the rise among Kedah students

ALOR STAR: If you notice your teenager has, of late, been staying up all night and seems overly active, then it is time to do some probing to find out if he or she is taking syabu. Early intervention can nip the problem in the bud and spare you the anguish of watching your child morphing into a...

21/03/2017 | MALAY MAIL

Duterte calls European critics ‘crazies’

Naypyidaw (Myanmar): The Philippines President Rodrigo Duter­te has described European lawmakers as “crazies” in a salty-tongued rebuttal to criticism of his deadly drug war, while vowing again that all traffickers will be killed. Duterte fired his broadside in a late-night...

21/03/2017 | MALAY MAIL

Australian jailed in Bali for using hashish

Denpasar (Indonesia) (AFP) - An Australian businessman was Tuesday handed a seven-month jail term for using hashish on the Indonesian resort island of Bali. But Giuseppe Serafino will be released from prison in two months as his sentence was reduced by the amount of time he has already spent i...

15/03/2017 | MALAY MAIL

Out of the shadows: Manila’s meth dealers are back on streets

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs had until three weeks ago driven the trade in crystal methamphetamine underground, according to residents and drug users in some of the slum areas of the nation's capital city. As thousands of users and dealers were shot dead by police and vigilan...

01/03/2017 | MALAY MAIL

Duterte targets children in bid to widen drug war

Before Rodrigo Duterte’s bloody war on drugs had even begun, allies of the Philippines president were quietly preparing for a wider offensive. On June 30, as Duterte was sworn in, they introduced a bill into the Philippine Congress that could allow children as young as nine to be targeted in a crack...

20/02/2017 | MALAY MAIL

No-bail proposal for repeat offenders

IPOH, Feb 3 — Police have sought the cooperation of federal and state legal authorities to oppose bail applications for repeat drug offenders. The state Narcotics Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has approached the Attorney-General’s chambers and the Perak prosecution unit to ensure such bail...

03/02/2017 | MALAY MAIL

Duterte vows to use military in drug war

MANILA - President Rodrigo Duterte announced yesterday the military would take a leading role in his deadly drug war, while vowing to kill more traffickers and addicts. "I'm taking in the AFP (Armed Forced of the Philippines) and raising the issue of drugs as a national security threat so that I wi...

03/02/2017 | MALAY MAIL

RM1m drugs discovered in airport’s lost and found dept

SEPANG, Feb 2 — Police are hunting for the owners of three suitcases seized at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport’s lost and found department in which 49.5kg of a drug-making substance was discovered in them. The substance, worth about RM1 million, were found on Jan 22 in the suitcases registere...

02/02/2017 | MALAY MAIL

More drug traffickers nabbed in schools

TELUK INTAN, Jan 5 — There has been an increase in the number of students arrested for drug-related offences last year. A total of 987 students, including those in primary schools, were nabbed for various drug crimes. In 2015, there were 821 cases involving students from primary schools to h...

05/01/2017 | MALAY MAIL

Man crashes car into MCA chief's house

PETALING JAYA - A mentally unstable man, who high on drugs, drove through the front gate of Hulu Selangor MCA chief Datuk Lee Ban Seng's house yesterday evening. The man, driving a white Audi sports utility vehicle (SUV), crashed through the main gate of the house, hitting a car parked inside at abo...

23/12/2016 | MALAY MAIL